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Lost passport, lost luggage, accidents abroad, property damage—these are just some of the unforeseen but possible inconveniences and emergencies that can occur when travelling. Protect yourself and have worry-free travels with Malayan Insurance Travel Master.

Travel Master offers the most comprehensive travel protection available in the country courtesy of our extensive network of worldwide emergency centers. Travel Master isn’t just for flying, either, as accidents and emergencies can occur anywhere. We also cover travel on ships, trains, and cars, which means that you can enjoy full protection anytime you travel.

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Includes Assist America®. For more information, you may contact Assist America's emergency hotline number: +63-2-811-2521

  • Please confirm that you are within age eligibility.
  • Kindly note that age eligibility for travel insurance policies is 18 to 70 years old.
  • For minors (minimum of 1 year old to 17 years of age), policy enrollment must be in conjunction with travel insurance application of parent or guardian. no individual policy will be issued to minors.
  • Applications outside age eligibility that may be mistakenly accepted by the system will be considered non-binding and Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. will refund the premium (less government regulated taxes and charges.)

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